Welcome to the Athletics Parent Portal.
1. Please create a login so you can track your students paperwork that you submit.

2. The required annual athletic physical and health history cannot be filled out online because it must be completed by the parent/guardian and physician. You may print a physical and medical history by selecting the DOWNLOAD AND PRINT tab at the top of the page. Then select the Physical/Medical History link. Once you have selected the link the Physical Form and Medical History form will open and you will be able to download and print or type in the necessary information and print the form. We encourage you to fill out the medical history prior to printing the form.

3. All other required paperwork will be done electronically. The parent/guardian will be asked to provide information such as home phone numbers, cell phone numbers, email addresses, name of the primary physician, insurance policy information and other pertinent information. Please make sure you have this with you when filling out your forms electronically.

4. Remember that to submit online appropriately, you and your child must fill out and sign in all required spaces. Forms will not submit electronically without all required information being completed.

5. After creating your login, login and add your student by selecting +Add a Child. Add your student by entering the Student ID and their last name. Click Link my Athlete. It is possible to add more than one if you have multiple students in the system.

6. Once you have added your student, click on their name and you will have access to the required athletic participation forms for Spring Branch ISD, click the blue underlined form name to access the form. Fill out all forms accordingly.

7. If you have created a login, the students name, ID, and school should be already filled in and will link to their account automatically.

8. To sign the document, click inside the signature box and hold your mouse down, this will allow you to create and “Electronic Signature.” If you make a mistake and need to start over, click on the refresh icon next to the signature box. If you are using a tablet, you may create an electronic signature by holding your finger to the screen and signing your name or by using a stylus.

9. To upload a picture of your Insurance Card to the Proof of insurance Card page, a tablet with a camera, or a cell phone may be easier. But this can certainly be done on a computer. This form must be filled out regardless if you have an insurance card or not. If you have School Insurance only, you will be required to type in “School Insurance” in the provided box. Any form that that does not have the required picture of the insurance card will be thrown out and asked to subit it again with the photo of the front and back of insurance card.

10. After all forms have been submitted through a login, you will have access to download a PDF for your records.

11. The Physical Form, Special Medical Issue, and Steroid Safety PPT, are all forms that only the Athletic Trainer can clear.

Steroid Video Safety PPT